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Fuel Sales Champions in Every Store! Open Carrot is your secret weapon to skyrocketing sales. We make it fun and rewarding for salespeople to learn about your products, share them with the world, and become true brand advocates. Create engaging contests, unlock valuable insights from the front line, and watch your sales soar!

About Open Carrot

Unlock Endless Sales Potential!

Turn „Sell” into „Sell with Passion!” Introducing Open Carrot, the game-changer that transforms salespeople into brand champions. Ditch the boring training sessions – motivate your team with exciting contests and rewards. Watch them become product experts sharing their enthusiasm on social media, driving sales through the roof.


Open Carrot isn't just an app, it's a community where you connect with industry leaders and unlock valuable insights from the front line. Ready to unleash your sales potential?

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The Sweet Reward: Motivated Sales Force, Booming Sales

And the carrot on top? Highly motivated salespeople who are passionate about your brand! Open Carrot empowers you to reward their hard work and dedication, building loyalty and driving even greater sales.


Unlock the power of social selling. Watch your brand message spread organically as salespeople become enthusiastic brand advocates. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your marketing and sales strategy.

How it works?

Create and run fun and rewarding contests

Who Wins with Open Carrot?

Open Carrot: Your Key to Success


Skyrocket sales, ignite customer engagement, and amplify your brand voice. Open Carrot empowers you to build a passionate army of brand champions.



Elevate your game! Connect with leading brands, cultivate a star salesforce, and unlock valuable industry insights.


Sales Associates

Unleash your potential! Master product knowledge, engage customers, and crush your sales goals. Open Carrot rewards your dedication and fuels your success.


Why choose Us?

Join the Next-Gen Sales Revolution!

Gone are the days of static sales strategies. Open Carrot is your gateway to a dynamic, social sales experience. Here's how it elevates your game:


? Proactive Sales Power: Take control and directly influence sales of your products. Craft engaging contests that ignite passion and drive results.


? Social Selling Reinvented: Build a unique and generationally-relevant connection with sales teams through our innovative social networking platform.


Open Carrot isn't just an app, it's a paradigm shift. It's a vibrant community where brands, retailers, and sales associates collaborate for mutual success.


Ready to join the revolution?

Open Carrot Advantage: Unleash Your Sales Potential

Open Carrot isn't just about fun contests, it's about delivering real results for your business. Here's what sets us apart:


Sales Growth: Imagine growing your sales by a staggering 120%. That's the average sales increase experienced by our clients. Open Carrot ignites sales through engaging contests and a motivated sales force.


Engaged Reps: Our contests are so engaging, the average contest boasts 134 participating sales reps. Watch your team transform into a passionate sales force, competing and learning together.


Client Satisfaction: We're not just here for the sale, we're here for your success. That's why 98% of our clients are thrilled with our service and support.

Reach for the Stars:

Forget limitations, with Open Carrot, your sales potential is limitless. We provide the tools and community to help you achieve your most ambitious goals.

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